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Completed and Ongoing Projects in Oyo State 2019-2023

Completed and Ongoing Projects - Installation of Aviation Tank Farm at Ibadan Airport

Below is a list of completed and ongoing projects presented as part of Governor Seyi Makinde’s time in office between 2019 and 2023. Most of these projects are listed with pictures under projects here. Governor Seyi Makinde’s campaign promises can also be tracked through his Oyo State Roadmap for Accelerated Development 2019-2023 here. There are also lists of completed and ongoing projects for Governor Makinde’s One Year, Two Years, and Three Years in office.

General Gas Flyover Drone 3 1
General Gas Flyover, Ibadan

List of Completed and Ongoing Projects 2019 to 2023

  1. Education
    • Construction of 60 model schools across Oyo State
    • Oyo SUBEB Projects: Construction/Renovation/Rehabilitation of blocks of classrooms in the State
      • Construction of 339 blocks of classrooms with toilet facilities
      • Renovation of 443 classroom blocks
      • Installation of 90 boreholes
      • Construction of 76 toilets
      • Construction of 13 ECD pilot centres
      • Procurement and distribution of over 26,500 pairs of students furniture
      • Construction of perimeter fence in 9 schools
    • Cancellation of all forms of fees and levies in public schools
    • Increase in enrolment in public schools by over 50%
    • Provision of free instructional materials to students
    • Distribution of 100,000 copies of the compendium of WAEC and NECO past questions
    • Introduction of intervention classes for SS3 and UTME students
    • Procurement of teaching and learning aids for Special Needs Schools in Oyo State
    • Recruitment of 5,000 Teachers
    • Recruitment of 692 Education Officers
    • Sole ownership of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH)
    • Take-off grant of N500 million for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Renewable Natural Resources, Iseyin
    • Increase in subvention to tertiary institutions in the State to 100%
    • Conversion of Emmanuel Alayande College of Education to a University of Education
    • Scholarships to brilliant students
    • Annual bursary award of N500,000 to Law School students who are Oyo State indigenes
    • Construction of various buildings at LAUTECH Iseyin Campus (ongoing)
  2. Health
    • Renovation of 209 Primary Healthcare Centres across Oyo State
    • Establishment of Neonatal Ward at Adeoyo Maternity Teaching Hospital
    • Medical Oxygen Plant at Jericho Specialist Hospital
    • Renovation and equipping Public Health facilities:
    • Establishment of a Geriatric Centre at the former Jericho Specialist Hospital
    • Upgrade and conversion of health facilities to Isolation Centres during the COVID-19 pandemic:
    • Recruitment of five hundred and thirty-three (533) medical staff.
    • Procurement of fourteen (14) ambulances, three of which are fitted with ICU facilities
    • Increase in the enrolment of people in the health insurance scheme from 45,000 to 300,000
    • Solar power installation in 23 PHCs
    • Distribution of 97 and 120 generators to renovated and upgraded primary health centres (PHCs) as a backup power source
    • Secondary healthcare facilities upgrades:
  3. Security
    • Purchase of operational vehicles for security agencies in the state
    • Establishment of security post at Mamu Village
    • Establishment of Police Mobile Force Squadron 72 at Ago Are
    • Operationalising of 615 Emergency Security Number
    • Establishment of Forward Operation Base (FOB) along Kisi-Igboho-Igbeti to provide security coverage for forests around Oke-Ogun area
    • Expansion of the State Security Control Room for the City Watch (State CCTV)
    • Supply and installation of radio communication infrastructure and ancillaries for Oyo State Police and other Paramilitary Organisations
    • Clearance operations of the forests in the State to ward off criminals in the forest areas
    • Safe School Initiatives
    • Agro Rangers to maintain peace between farmers and herders in the State
    • Establishment of Oyo State Security Network Agency (Amotekun Corps) and recruitment of 2,000 personnel for the Agency.
    • Provision of 58 hectares of land and grant of N500 million for the establishment of a Permanent Base of the 671 Nigerian Air Force Detachment at Ajia, Ona-Ara Local Government Area
    • Provision of communication gadgets, bulletproof vests etc. for security operatives
  4. Economy
  5. Other Sectors
    • Stadium upgrades:
    • 300 km of Light Up Oyo Project:
      • The Light Up Oyo Phase I project (completed) covers, Iwo Road to Idi Ape, Ojoo to Barracks, Orita Challenge to New Garage, Sango (Rail track area) to the University of Ibadan to Ojoo, Toll Gate to Interchange to Orita Challenge to Challenge Roundabout
      • Light Up Oyo Phase 2 (ongoing), including the installation of Gas Generators to serve as a backup power source
    • Off-grid rural electrification:
    • Independent Power Project (IPP) for State Secretariat and environs designed for 10MW gas and 1MW solar PV (ongoing)
    • Providing ICT equipment and internet/intranet connectivity at the State Secretariat
    • Construction of Shell Gas Pipeline, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway (ongoing)
    • Construction of ICT Hub, Mokola
    • Construction of Bodija Recreation Centre (ongoing)
    • Construction of Eleyele Filling Station and shops
    • Ibadan Urban Flood Management Projects (IUFMP):
      • Construction of Adekile Culvert, Orita Aperin, Ibadan
      • Expansion of river bank at Orogun, Ibadan
      • Expansion of river bank at Kudeti, Ibadan
      • Expansion of river bank at Ogbere-Tioya, Ibadan
      • Channelisation of Agodi River, Ibadan
      • Construction of 15 metres span bridge at Believers Stream, Odo Ona Elewe Road
      • Construction of bridges and culverts in the following areas in Ibadan:
        • 1-cell (4 x 2) metres culvert, Ajibode Road, NISER Area, Ibadan
        • 1-cell (3.5 x 1.5) metres culvert, Odogbo Fatokun Area, Moniya, Ibadan
        • 1-cell (3 x 2) metres culvert across Ibadan – Ife Expressway close to Iwo Road Interchange, Ibadan
        • 1-cell (4 x 2) metres culvert along Apete – Awotan Road, Ibadan
        • 2-cell (6 x 2) metres culvert, Jerusalem Area, Ojoo-Arulogun Road, Ibadan
        • 8-cell (6 x 2.25) metres culvert, Oorelope Area, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan
        • 4-cell (6 x 3) metres culvert, Ogbere-Tioya, along Olorunsogo-Amuloko-Akanran-Dagbolu Road, Ibadan
        • 1-cell (4 x 3) metres culvert, Ogbere River linking the Seriki Adeyalo areas
        • 1-cell (3.5 x 2) metres culvert at Mufu Laninhun, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway
        • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert at Onipepeye Axis, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway
        • Channelization of Orogun River with 5-cell (6 x 2)metres culverts at UI-Ojoo Highway
        • 3-cell (6 x 2) metres culvert at GOFAMINT church, Orogun
        • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert at Akinwumi/Odewenma Street near Iwo Road Interchange
        • 2-cell (6 x 2) metres culvert at Kajorepo Community across the Iwo Road-Ojoo Expressway
        • 3-cell (5 x 2) metres culvert at Kajola Area, over Orogun River
        • 2-cell (6 x 2) metres access culvert into Kajorepo community, off Ojoo-Iwo Road
        • 2 footbridges (25 x 2.3) metres across the Kudeti Stream at Labo, Oranyan area Ibadan
        • 1-cell (8 x 2.5) metres culvert at Labo/Oranyan/Bere Road by Bovas Filling Station
        • 2-cell (4 x 2) metres culvert at Army Barracks, off Ojoo Road
        • 2-cell (4 x 2.5) metres culvert at Agodi River at Ladoke Akintola Street, New Bodija, Ibadan
        • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert at Oduduwa Street by BON Hotel, Old Bodija, Ibadan
        • 2-cell (6x 2.5) metres culvert at Francis Okediji Street, Old Bodija, Ibadan
        • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert across Agodi River on Layi Osunkunle Street, by Davis Hotel, Old Bodija, Ibadan
        • (27.5 x 17 x 3) metres culvert at Oluyole Estate, Ibadan
    • Construction of housing estates:
    • Development of Government Reserved Areas (GRAs)
    • Pacesetter Industrial Park Pilot Scheme (ongoing)
    • Renovation of the Oyo State Housing Corporation, Bodija, Ibadan
    • Reconstruction of Akesan Market, Oyo (completed)
    • Construction of Slaughterhouse, Ogbomoso
    • Installation of a Digital Satellite Audio Network at the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS)
    • Donation of an operational vehicle and a fire truck to Ibadan Airport
    • Construction of a 500,000-litre capacity Aviation Fuel Dispensing Facility at the Ibadan Airport (completed)
    • Reconstruction of Ojoo Police Station, Ibadan (completed)
    • Construction of permanent fire station at Atiba Local Government Area, Oyo (ongoing)
    • Construction of permanent fire station at Ibarapa Central Local Government Area, Igboora (ongoing)
    • Renovation and Rehabilitation of State High Court, Ring Road and Magistrate Court, Iyaganku, Ibadan (ongoing)
    • Consistent payment of workers’ salaries on the 25th day of every month
    • Payment of outstanding pensions and gratuities (N21 billion)

Completed and Ongoing Projects - Akinyele Farmers' Market
New Akinyele Farmers’ Market, Ibadan

List of Completed and Ongoing Projects handled by LGAs and LCDAs

  1. Construction of the Akinyele Farmers’ Market by the Akinlyele Local Government Authority (completed)
  2. Construction of Sasa Market, Ibadan by the Akinyele Local Government Authority (completed)
  3. Construction of flood management structure at Ikumapayi Ibadan by the Egbeda Local Government Authority (completed)
  4. Limited rehabilitation of the 38km Igboora-Igangan-Iganna Road by the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters (ongoing). The road connects Ibarapa and Oke-Ogun Zones
  5. Construction of the GSM International Market, Eleyele Ibadan by Oke’badan North LCDA (ongoing)
  6. Construction of drainage, installation of solar street lights and asphalt paving of Jonku Market, Iwo Road, Ibadan by Ibadan North East Local Government Authority (completed)
  7. Rehabilitation of the road from Agugu Police Station-Oremeji Bridge by Ibadan North East Local Government Council (ongoing)
  8. Construction of buildings for the Oyo State Local Government Service Commission and Local Government Staff Pension Board by the 33 Local Government Authorities (ongoing)
  9. Rehabilitation/Construction and total overlay of Sijuade Junction-Akeredolu House Street-Police Mobile Force Barracks Road, Jericho, Ibadan by Ibadan North West Local Government Authority (ongoing)
  10. Rehabilitation of the 10.3 km Ido-Omi Adio Road by Ido Local Government Council (ongoing)
  11. Rehabilitation of the 4.67 km Odo Ona Kekere-Arapaja-Asunle Road by the Oluyole Local Government Council (ongoing)
  12. Oyo State Community and Social Development Agency (CSDA) Projects
    • CSDA Micro-Projects between 2019 and 2020 in 38 communities
      • Drilling and Installation of 55 motorised boreholes
      • Installation of 25 transformers
      • Construction of 6 culverts and 1 lined drain
      • Construction of 6 toilets and 2 bathrooms
      • Construction and completion of 4 health centres
      • Completion of 1 community hall
      • Construction of 2 schools
      • Construction/Renovation of blocks of 21 classrooms
      • Construction of 4 offices
      • Execution of 19 electricity extensions and rehabilitation of 1 electricity extension
      • Construction of 1 science laboratory
      • Construction and renovation of 3 corps members’ lodge
      • Completion of 1 students’ hostel
      • Construction of a police station
    • Replicated OSCSDA Micro-Projects between 2020 and 2021 in 10 communities
      • Drilling and installation of 3 motorised boreholes
      • Installation of 5 transformers
      • Construction of 3 culverts
      • Construction and completion of 1 health centre
      • Construction of a police post
    • Oyo CARES CSDA Micro-Projects between 2021 and 2022 in 9 communities
      • Drilling and installation of 28 motorised boreholes
      • Construction of 1 toilet
      • Construction and completion of 2 health centres
      • Construction blocks of 3 classrooms and 2 offices