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Completed Project: Reconstruction and upgrade of the OYSADA Headquarters, Saki

OYSADA HQ Commissioning 65 scaled

An update on the reconstruction and upgrade of the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) Headquarters, Saki. The OYSADA Headquarters office block was completely reconstructed and now includes a 300 seater hall, a knowledge and innovation centre, a conference room to sit 20 people and 15 rooms as offices.

The OYSADA Headquarters was fenced and a new gate was constructed with CCTV cameras installed. Also, two laboratories for soil analysis and basic agricultural analysis were built.

Additionally, 15 guest chalets were constructed. 14 of these are 3-bedroom chalets and the remaining 1 block has 12 single ensuite rooms. Under a public-private partnership arrangement, a private company will run the guest chalets and let it out to paying guests. A Governor’s Lodge was also constructed.

The OYSADA Headquarters, Saki was commissioned by Governor Seyi Makinde as part of activities to commemorate his second year in office.

See before pictures of the OYSADA Headquarters, Saki here.

Below is a slideshow of pictures of the OYSADA Headquarters, Saki:

  • Picture of OYSADA Headquarters, Saki taken on May 31, 2021
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 65
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 43
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 33
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 28
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 20
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 17
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 14
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 12
  • OYSADA HQ Commissioning 60

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