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Three Years in Office: Full List of Completed and Ongoing Projects

Ojoo Bus Terminal

Below is a list of completed and ongoing projects presented as part of Governor Seyi Makinde’s three years in office. These projects are listed with pictures under projects here. Governor Seyi Makinde’s campaign promises can also be tracked through his Roadmap to Accelerated Development in Oyo State, 2019-2023 here.

List of Completed and Ongoing Projects for Three Years in Office

  1. Construction of 8 model schools
  2. Construction of 51 blocks of classrooms with toilet facilities
  3. Renovation of 88 classroom blocks
  4. Installation of boreholes in 36 schools
  5. Construction of toilets in 10 schools
  6. Supply of 2,370 pieces of furniture to 36 junior secondary schools by Oyo SUBEB and 50 pairs of desks each in 305 public secondary schools and 25 pairs each in 2 schools by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  7. Construction of perimeter fence in 7 schools
  8. 299 PHC upgrades (206 completed and 93 ongoing)
  9. Secondary healthcare facilities upgrades:
  10. Construction of Fasola Agribusiness Industrial Hub, Oyo (ongoing)
  11. Installation of Start Them Early Program (STEP) in 6 additional schools. 3 have commenced already:
    • Apode High School (AHS), Eruwa
    • Mount Olivet Grammar School (MOGS) Ibadan
    • Wesley College of Science (WCS), Ibadan
  12. Purchase of 100 vehicles for Oyo Amotekun
  13. Recruitment of 500 additional Oyo Amotekun corps members (ongoing)
  14.  Provision of communication gadgets, bulletproof vests etc. for security operatives
  15. Construction of Roads:
  16. Bus terminals:
  17. Stadium upgrades:
  18. Light Up Oyo Phase 2 (ongoing)
  19. Off-grid rural electrification:
  20. IPP for State Secretariat and environs (ongoing)
  21. Construction of ICT Hub, Mokola (ongoing)
  22. Construction of Bodija Recreation Centre (ongoing)
  23. Construction of Eleyele Filling Station and shops (completed)
  24. Ibadan Urban Flood Management Projects (IUFMP):
    • Construction of Adekile Culvert, Orita Aperin, Ibadan
    • Expansion of river bank at Orogun, Ibadan
    • Expansion of river bank at Kudeti, Ibadan
    • Expansion of river bank at Ogbere-Tioya, Ibadan
    • Channelisation of Agodi River, Ibadan
    • Construction of bridges and culverts in the following areas in Ibadan:
      • 1-cell (4 x 2) metres culvert, Ajibode Road, NISER Area, Ibadan
      • 1-cell (3.5 x 1.5) metres culvert, Odogbo Fatokun Area, Moniya, Ibadan
      • 1-cell (3 x 2) metres culvert across Ibadan – Ife Expressway close to Iwo Road Interchange, Ibadan
      • 1-cell (4 x 2) metres culvert along Apete – Awotan Road, Ibadan
      • 2-cell (6 x 2) metres culvert, Jerusalem Area, Ojoo-Arulogun Road, Ibadan
      • 8-cell (6 x 2.25) metres culvert, Oorelope Area, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan
      • 4-cell (6 x 3) metres culvert, Ogbere-Tioya, along Olorunsogo-Amuloko-Akanran-Dagbolu Road, Ibadan
      • 1-cell (4 x 3) metres culvert, Ogbere River linking the Seriki Adeyalo areas
      • 1-cell (3.5 x 2) metres culvert at Mufu Laninhun, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway
      • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert at Onipepeye Axis, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway
      • Channelization of Orogun River with 5-cell (6 x 2)metres culverts at UI-Ojoo Highway
      • 3-cell (6 x 2) metres culvert at GOFAMINT church, Orogun
      • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert at Akinwumi/Odewenma Street near Iwo Road Interchange
      • 2-cell (6 x 2) metres culvert at Kajorepo Community across the Iwo Road-Ojoo Expressway
      • 3-cell (5 x 2) metres culvert at Kajola Area, over Orogun River
      • 2-cell (6 x 2) metres access culvert into Kajorepo community, off Ojoo-Iwo Road
      • 2 foot bridges (25 x 2.3) metres across the Kudeti Stream at Labo, Oranyan area Ibadan
      • 1-cell (8 x 2.5) metres culvert at Labo/Oranyan/Bere Road by Bovas Filling Station
      • 2-cell (4 x 2) metres culvert at Army Barracks, off Ojoo Road
      • 2-cell (4 x 2.5) metres culvert at Agodi River at Ladoke Akintola Street, New Bodija, Ibadan
      • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert at Oduduwa Street by BON Hotel, Old Bodija, Ibadan
      • 2-cell (6x 2.5) metres culvert at Francis Okediji Street, Old Bodija, Ibadan
      • 2-cell (6 x 2.5) metres culvert across Agodi River on Layi Osunkunle Street, by Davis Hotel, Old Bodija, Ibadan
  25. Construction of housing units:
    • Owode Estate Project, Apata, Ibadan (ongoing)
    • Ojongbodu Estate Project, Oyo (ongoing)
    • Bode Thomas Housing Estate, Oyo (ongoing)
    • Ajilete Housing Estate, Ogbomoso (ongoing)
  26. Pacesetter Industrial Park Pilot Scheme (ongoing)
  27. Consistent payment of workers’ salaries on the 25th day of every month
  28. Payment of outstanding pensions and gratuities (N18 billion)

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