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Update on Renovated Primary Health Centres in Ibadan Zone

Governor Seyi Makinde inspecting a renovated primary health centre - Irefin Babasale PHC on June 10, 2022

An update on some renovated primary health centres (PHCs) in Ibadan Zone. In Governor Seyi Makinde’s manifesto, the Oyo State Roadmap for Accelerated Development 2019-2023, he promised to ensure at least one primary health centre in each of the 351 wards of Oyo State. To fulfil this promise, the Oyo State Government is constructing/renovating, equipping and staffing 299 primary health centres across the state.

On June 10, 2022, Governor Seyi Makinde paid inspection visits to five renovated and equipped PHCs in Ibadan Zone. The PHCs visited are Elebu PHC, Ikumapayi PHC, Irefin Babasale PHC, Oke Are PHC and Odo Ona Elewe PHC. During these visits, Governor Makinde promised that all 299 PHCs renovated across Oyo State would be fully equipped and staffed.

Below is a slideshow of pictures of the 5 renovated PHCs in Ibadan Zone Governor Seyi Makinde visited:

  • Elebu PHC 3
  • Elebu PHC 4
  • Ikumapayi PHC Jesse 19
  • Ikumapayi PHC 7
  • Ikumapayi PHC 8
  • Irefin Babasale PHC Jesse 9
  • Irefin Babasale PHC 2
  • Irefin Babasale PHC Jesse 5
  • Irefin Babasale PHC Jesse 4
  • Irefin Babasale PHC 3
  • Irefin Babasale PHC 5
  • Irefin Babasale PHC Jesse 2
  • Odo Ona Elewe PHC 4
  • Odo Ona Elewe PHC 7
  • Oke Are PHC Jesse 5 scaled
  • Oke Are PHC 4
  • Oke Are PHC Jesse 3
  • Oke Are PHC 7
  • Oke Are PHC Jesse 7

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