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Ongoing IUFMP: Channelisation of Ogbere River (North), Ibadan

The Ongoing Channelisation of Ogbere River (North), Ibadan IUFMP taken on 29 August, 2023

An update and pictures of the channelisation of Ogbere River (North), Ibadan. This is a World Bank-assisted project that is one of several flood control measures executed by the Oyo State Government under the Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP). We answer questions about the IUFMP here. The Ogbere River (North) Channelisation includes river training works and the erection of concrete slope lining on both sides of the river.

The Ogbere River takes its source from Elewi-Odo (around General Gas), passes through Iwo Road, crosses the expressway at Onipepeye Area, flows through Ogbere Baba-Nla, Ogbere Moradeyo, Ogbere-Pegba, Abonde-Ogbere, Ogbere-Tioya and channels through towards Olomi Area and links up with the Ona River further downstream. The works in the pictures captured in this update are at the Iwo Road channel.

In addition to the IUFMP channelisation of Ogbere River (North), there are other ongoing IUFMP river expansions and channelisation at Orita AperinAgodiOrogun, Kudeti, Oluyole Estate and Odo Ona Kekere/Elewe in Ibadan. In total, over 24 ongoing IUFMP flood prevention projects are ongoing and completed in Ibadan.

Below is a slideshow of pictures of the ongoing Channelisation of Ogbere River (North), Ibadan:

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  • Ogbere River (North) - IUFMP 29 August, 2023
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