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Flag-Off of Renovation and Expansion of OYSADA Headquarters at Saki

The Governor Seyi Makinde-led administration has flagged-off the renovation and expansion of the former Oyo State Agricultural Development Programme (OYSADEP) Headquarters in Saki. After the remodelling, the facility will be used as the headquarters of the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA).

The headquarters which is sited in the Oke-Ogun zone (the food basket of the state), had been left moribund for decades. It will be expanded to include a Governor’s Lodge and more offices.
The project is expected to bring about economic benefits to the people of Saki as all the staff of OYSADA will be resuming at the headquarters. It will also facilitate further infrastructural development such as the building of roads. For this reason, the Oyo State Government has made a formal request to the Federal Government to allow Oyo State rehabilitate the Oyo-Iseyin road, even though it is a federal road.

The project is scheduled to be completed in six months.

Dilapidated structures at the OYSADEP Headquarters Saki, Oke-Ogun Zone.

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Projections for completed OYSADA Headquarters

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  3. Congratulations to the Peoples governor. Eng Seyi Makinde and his cabinet members andthe good people of Oyo State on these achievements.I have no doubt that the next 2 years of this administration will turn things around in the state. Well done Sir

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