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The New Solid Waste Management Architecture in Oyo State: Your Questions Answered

Picture of Solid Waste Management Trucks of Mottainai Recycling

The Oyo State Government recently announced a new solid waste management architecture – a ‘Zero Waste Zero Budget’ initiative. In this post, we answer questions that have arisen since the announcement.

Who are the new solid waste managers?

The new solid waste manager in Oyo State is Mottainai Recycling Ltd.

What is Zero Waste Zero Budget?

Zero Waste applies the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to promote a circular economy where waste is turned to wealth. Zero Budget means the government will not need to budget and spend huge resources on solid waste management. So, Mottainai Recycling Ltd will be operating an integrated waste management system.

Does this mean I should no longer work with the PSPs?

Yes, in general, all PSPs in Oyo State have been disengaged, and you can no longer carry out waste management transactions with them. However, some of these PSPs have reapplied to become Mottainai Accredited Franchisees. Some of them will be reassigned to their old routes.

What will become of the PSPs that were working in Oyo State?

PSPs who reapply to the Oyo State Waste Management Authority (OYOWMA) will be screened and verified. Once it is established that they have the capacity for work, they will be revalidated. They will now be properly identified as Mottainai Accredited Franchisees (MAF). Verification for all 235 PSPs that reapplied is set for August 1-August 5, 2022.

What will happen to PSPs that were not verified?

The Oyo State Government, working with Mottainai Recycling Ltd, plans to empower qualified PSPs with compactors soon.

How will I be able to tell if a former PSP is now a Mottainai Accredited Franchisee?

All Mottainai Accredited Franchisees are mandated to use Mottainai branding on the head of their trucks. Additionally, in front of their trucks, their barcode will be boldly displayed. This identifies them as being Mottainai Accredited. However, you should not make any cash payments to any of these waste collectors.

Do we need to register with the new waste management consultants?

Yes, Mottainai Revenue Officers will visit you to drop off your bills. You can then register with them and indicate your preferred mode of correspondence.

How do we pay our waste management tariffs in Oyo State?

There are three ways to pay your waste management tariff

  1. Point Of Sale (POS)
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Direct deposit at the banking hall

No residents/commercial operators should pay for waste management in cash.

How often will my waste be evacuated?

In general, waste is to be evacuated twice a month. However, in certain circumstances, you may wish to increase the frequency of the evacuation. Mottainai has tariff plans to cover the more frequent waste evacuation.

I have heard that waste management tariffs will be increased. Is this true?

There has been no increase in tariffs for residential areas; instead, the tariff has been reviewed based on the socio-economic grouping of the area. Presently, there are four socio-economic groups:

Waste Receptacle Size for four socio-economic groups Oyo State
Solid Waste Receptacle Prices and Frequency for Four Socio-Economic Groups

What else is being done to ensure that there is no refuse in public spaces and medians?

330 Environmental Health Officers have been inducted by the Oyo State Government. Their job involves enforcing environmental health laws across the state. Additionally, the Environmental Task Force has been empowered to prosecute defaulters.

What is the punishment for contravening environmental health laws, including indiscriminate dumping of refuse?

Defaulters will either pay a fine, do community service or go to jail.

How do we learn about route schedules?

Contact the waste management call centre on 0700 080 0700 or WhatsApp: 0818 190 0004.

What should I do if my waste is not picked up as scheduled?

Contact the waste management call centre on 0700 080 0700 or WhatsApp: 0818 190 0004.

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