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The Oyo State Government has released post-lockdown containment guidelines for the following environments:

  • Schools,
  • Offices and Workspaces
  • Religious Centres
  • Conferences, Large Gatherings and Event Centres
  • Restaurants, Cafeterias, and Bukaterias,
  • Banks/Malls/Supermarkets/Hotels and Similar Premises
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Motor-parks/Markets/Abattoirs

The document also contains other general COVID-19 prevention and containment strategies.

Please find the guidelines in the document below.


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  2. These are very well thought out. Good job. However, due to neglect in the past our public schools will not be able to cope with the requirements without urgent intervention. This will require huge investments.

    Currently most classrooms are over crowded. To achieve social distancing in public schools not all children will be able to attend school. If we are to adopt shifts there will be issues with teachers. They will be over stressed. New teachers cannot be employed and trained immediately.

    Places of worship will also pose big challenges. How to determine who attend because of reduced capacity due to social distancing?

    It is wrong to compare schools and places of worship with our open markets. The motivation and controls are not the same.

    I know the State government cannot be pushed to take sub optimal decision.

    God bless Oyo State. God bless Nigeria.

  3. There is a wave of “strange fever” sweeping across town. I just had my own dose. It is different from any fever I have endured. My friend who came from Lagos ferried it to our abode. A SARS operative with Oyo state command had similar experience. We compared notes and here are the similarities.
    Racking headache targeting different parts of the head at different times. Gnawing aches in the bone marrows and joints such as no massage can reach, shortness of breath and general weakness and loss of appetite.
    I resorted to P-Alaxin malaria drug, then Augmentin 1g antibiotic, then “Agbo” herbal mixture. Agbo works. We are all back on our feet, each person with tale of close shave.
    Schools may reopen but students with preexisting health issues should be specially protected. Every home should work on having a potent herbal mixture ready for use for the family.

    1. Oladejo, SULAIMAN ABIODU

      Sirs and mas,Indeed,an excellently prepared guideline.
      Hence, set the ball rolling and announce schools resumption date possibly before this week runs out.
      Qudos to your Excellency.

  4. I think the population of the people in both religious places and schools are incomparable with those in our market places. The crowd in the market places are not controlled why is it that religious places and schools that can conduct their activities under a controllable atmosphere are now denied to open? I think crical look is highly needed.the hours spend in both places compare to that of other places like markets.

  5. I think the measures out in place by the state government since we begin the fight with this Covid-19 is highly commendable. I suggest the religious gathering should be reopen now with strict monitor of their compliance with the guidelines given by NCDC, Covid-19 Task Force and Health personel.
    On school reopen, let the state government provide or subsidize the price of PPE so that the parents can buy it for their children to wear around perticularly for wearing to school.

  6. Good guidelines, well-done sir/ma for putting heads together.pls tell us more about the worship centres. From what age to what age will be alow to go into the worship centre to worship. Let’s also know the age limit for the children too. Thanks so much, God bless you.

  7. Please our able governor . God will give you understanding to rule us to the glory land .my point is on church and football center .if market can be open from 7am to night Eg go to agbeni market not even social distance at all and no single case of covid19 .then please let church be open and put rules on how it will go .and second let football center also open with the same rules this is the only way of income for some people .this 3month at home with wife and kids pls lift the ban and give rules thanks God bless

  8. Every decision make rise and fall on leadership. Whatever measure being put in place by the state government should be strictly adhere to. Every decisions made by government in such a time like this will definitely have the interest and safety of its citizens at mind. The Lord will continue to help our Governor and give him wisdom for every decisions to be made in such a critical moment like this.

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