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Governor Seyi Makinde [Pictured] provided the Oyo State Government Feedback Service in fulfilment of his campaign promise

"Criticisms and commendations are like twins. For any meaningful progress to be made, both must exist side by side."

Welcome to the Oyo State Government Feedback Service

The Oyo State Government Feedback Service (FeedbackOYSG) is an initiative of the Governor Seyi Makinde-led administration in fulfillment of his campaign promise to have an effective feedback mechanism linking the Oyo State Government and the citizens of Oyo State.

FeedbackOYSG is designed to bring governance closer to the people by creating an avenue for citizens to log their complaints, suggestions, questions and enquiries, and get responses directly from the state’s Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

The Oyo State Government Feedback Service runs on the belief that the citizens of Oyo State are the customers. So, they have the right to get information and hold their governor and government accountable. If you have any comments, questions, enquiries or suggestions regarding governance issues in Oyo State, please contact us

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